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San Antonio's Newest Rap Artist

If you’re a fan of rap music but aching for something just a little bit different, then Texas born teenage sensation Marquail Strait is just what you’ve been looking for!


Blending his own words with an irresistible beat and then mixing in the auto tuner, Marquail Strait is becoming well known in his home state of Texas. And soon to be around the nation and the world!

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A Star Is Born

Writing his own songs since the age of 10, Marquail burst onto the scene in 2020 with hit songs “Hot” and “Killers in the Street.” His music videos on YouTube are becoming more popular every day and the sky’s the limit for this ultra-talented teenager from the Lone Star State. Also a basketball player, an actor and a drummer, Marquail Strait has goals in life that include giving back to the community he calls home and living a “passion over profit” type of lifestyle.


Citing rapper Travis Scott as an inspiration, Marquail hopes to become a success in the recording industry, as well as a positive role model in his community and for young people who are tempted to go down the wrong path.

San Antonio TX
South Texas Rap Artist Marquail Strait
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"Killers in the Street"

Though ominous sounding in name, is actually a plea to stop gang related violence and to break the cycle of hatred and disrespect in America’s inner cities.


Marquail carries a journal with him at all times because he never knows when he’ll see, hear or feel something that inspires him to start writing and singing. A man on the street with a certain look, a woman carrying two babies and a bag of groceries, a police officer helping someone across the street - Marquail never knows when something will catch his eye and turn into his next big song.

Music is his Godly Gift

The third of four sons born to Eddie and Jennifer Strait, the origins of Marquail’s musical talents remain a mystery. Says his father: “Well it has to be from God, because it sure doesn’t come from me or his mom.” Remaining humble when speaking of his talents, Marquail Strait continues to write and record more of his own special blend of music every week from his studio in San Antonio, Texas.

Prepare to hear much, much more from this talented teenager in the days, weeks and months ahead!